Saturday, March 24, 2007

Recovering from Cancer

I met Alice after mass this morning. She looked very well and felt well. She told me that she is recovering well from cancer. I cannot claim full credit for that but she told me I have been a big help.

Several months ago, she came to me feeling hopeless and helpless after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. She seemed like a woman who had just be handed the death sentence.

During our previous healing sessions I prayed over her and taught her a healing meditation to deal with the pain, visualize the cancer dissolving and visualize herself living up to 80 years old. I helped her go through the process of inner healing - dealing with the recent pain of feeling abandoned by her son which triggered the childhood pain of being abandoned by her mother. Being able to forgive her son and mother and letting go of the hurts and resentment contributed to the healing process. I also advised her to do the things she loved doing (she liked to sing) and to exercise. After a while the cancer stopped spreading and she decided to undergo surgery.

So it seems that she is not going to die yet and she may live up to 80.

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