Sunday, November 04, 2007

Biking and Camping in Samal Island

Last Friday and Saturday, I went on a biking and camping adventure in Samal Island. I had said mass for the dead in the morning and didn't have any schedule the rest of the day and the following day. I started biking after lunch, following the JP Laurel Avenue and upon reaching Panacan, I took the ferry to Samal Island. Upon reaching Babak, I followed the coastal trail to Penaplata and then crossed over the other side of the island. It was already dark when I reached Dasag. It was scary riding in the dark, following a rough trail along the beach with just the headlight of my bike showing the way. After pitching my tent on the beach,I had dinner consisting of sardines, tomato and some wine. Then I started playing the flute. By eight thirty, I began my meditation, while watching the distant lights coming from fishing boats and listening to the waves. I was asleep by ten. Then I was awakened by the heavy rain that poured on my tent. Luckily, I survived without getting wet.

I was up early in the morning and had morning prayer. I then had breakfast of sardines and tomato, without the wine. I spent the rest of the morning gazing at the sea and reflecting on my life. Then it was time to go back home to the monastery.
This is what I enjoy doing - it is very relaxing and I feel close to nature and the Creator. I should do this more often.

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Blogie said...

What a refreshing read! I haven't done anything like what you did for a long time...

It was nice to meet you at the Mindanao Bloggers Summit, Fr. Picx. Too bad we didn't get a chance to talk some more.