Monday, February 18, 2008

Taking a stand against corruption and abuse of power

I just came from a meeting with some Jesuit priests and representatives from civil society groups in Davao. We discussed about the brewing political crisis sparked by the testimony of Jun Lozada about the involvement of the President and her husband in the ZTE-NBN corruption deal and the efforts to obstruct senate investigation. All of us are convinced that Lozada is telling the truth and the president must be held accountable.

We are aware that a lot of people have become apathetic and inflicted with "people power" fatigue. After ousting two corrupt presidents, many have become wary about going out to the streets to demand the resignation of another corrupt president.

Yet we cannot remain silent. We cannot allow this social evil that has permeated society to reign with impunity. So we have decided to respond to the CBCP call for communal action. We are organizing an interfaith rally this coming Friday, February 22 to express our outrage at the corruption and abuse of power.

It doesn't matter if the majority remain silent. We will continue to exercise our prophetic vocation.

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