Sunday, January 18, 2009

Silsilah Dialogue Forum: Visitors from the US

This afternoon we had our Silsilah Davao dialogue forum which was held at the Sasa Barangay hall. Over forty Muslim and Christians came -among them 2 ustdadzes, 3 Imams, two priests, 8 religious sisters, 4 seminarians. My dear friend Ustadz Mahmod Adilao was around.
We had eight visitors from the US who belong to an interfaith group - Several Muslims, a Jewish Rabbi, and Christian ministers. Listening to their experience of interreligious dialogue was very inspiring. They have been going around Mindanao to also learn from our experience. They stayed for just two hours, they had to go to anothe place.
After the merienda we continued on our own and broke into small groups for sharing of our thoughts and experiences based on the theme: loving God and our neighbor. Each group was given a text from the Qur'an and the Bible on the theme. Afterwards we had reporting.
It is appropriate that we reflect on the theme of love of God and neighbor since this was the theme of the recent dialogue between Muslim and Christian leaders in Rome.

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