Sunday, April 19, 2009

Long-Distance Run: Galloway method

I went out for a three-hour long distance run this morning up in the hills of Waan and Tigatto. The last time I did a long run was more than a month ago. I was not able to run regularly for three weeks due to the cold. As usual I used Galloway's method (4 minutes run and 1 minute walk intervals). It seemed so easy. In spite of the heat and the hills, I didn't feel tired.
The walking intervals gave my running muscles some rest and enabled me to run farther. This also helps prevent running injury. Before, I usually would have knee pain once I run over 3 hours. I will be using this method for the marathon this November (but with 9 minutes run and 1 minute walking intervals).
Maybe, next year I can run-walk from Davao to Iligan across the mountains of Davao and Bukidnon (390 km in 8 days) using this method. It will be a solo run without any support vehicle, carry everything in my backpack. It hasn't been done before and I would like to be the first to do it. It's just a dream. I wonder if I can do it at my age. After biking around the Philippines for two months last year, this will definitely be a challenge.
My average heart rate during the run was 140 beats per minute. Immediately after the run I measured my blood pressure and as usual it was low (103/58). Amazing. Not even hypertension pills can have the same effect.

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