Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lunch with the Redemptoristine Nuns

This morning I went out for a 3-hour run around the Busay and Kan-irag mountain. I returned to my hermitage at 10 am and after a 15 minutes rest, I ran down for 45 minutes to Nevel hills with a backpack on my back. After a brief wash-up at the Holy Family Retreat house, I walked to the Redemptoristine monastery and had lunch with the nuns. The other day, while attending the profession, I met Sr. Alice and some of the nuns and I invited myself for lunch with them. Whenever I am around, I usually make it a point to visit the sisters and since I only have one more week in Busay I thought that I should see them before I go back to Davao. I always enjoy the meal and conversation with them. After lunch, we had some singing session - using their "magic sing" - the videoke. The sisters love to sing -and they have angelic voices. They also asked me to sing and I couldn't refuse. I sang 6 songs: Annie's Song, If, Yesterday, Over the Rainbow, the Great Pretender and I'll be seeing you. By 2 pm, I said goodbye to them and went down to the Cebu Redemptorist Monastery where I had my dinner with the confreres.
The Order of the Most Holy Redeeemer (OSSR) was founded by Sr. Mary Celeste Crostarossa, a close friend and "directee" of St. Alphonsus de Liguori. The Redemptoristines are the female counterpart of the Redemptorists. But unlike the Redemptorists who are active missionaries, the Redemptoristines are contemplatives. They spent most of their time inside the monastery observing a life of prayer and contemplation, and manual work. They also pray for the Redemptorists. They are indeed our sisters and friends.

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