Wednesday, October 07, 2009

55 years: Age is Just a number

Yesterday was my 55th birthday. I ran for two hours in the morning. During breakfast, Judge Renato Fuentes was looking for me (he thought I was going to say mass in the morning) but I was still out so he just left my birthday gift.
After lunch, I went to the LTO office to renew my driver's licence, it took 3 hours to get the whole thing done. I then rushed to the Archbishop's residence to attend the final meeting in preparation for the AsiPA (BEC) international gathering. I didn't stay very long because I had to go home to hear confession and celebrate the 5:30 pm mass. Then in the evening, the "centennial group" composed of community friends came bringing food for the potluck birthday party.
How does it feel to be 55 years old? Well, I don't feel that old. I can still run for more than two hours. Thirty-three years ago, I was a chubby, chain-smoking seminarian who could not even run for 30 minutes. I stopped smoking, started running and losing weight 30 years ago and I continue to do so now. There are many things I can do at my age which I wasn't capable of doing when I was half my age: biking ultra-long distance around the country, scuba diving, run marathons, lift heavy weights in the gym and eat once day only. I intend to do these things even when I reach 65 or even beyond 70 - God willing. It is inactivity, over-eating and lack of exercisethat can weaken the body.
Even if the body eventually grows old, the mind and heart does not grow old. Yes, we gain wisdom but retain the youthful feeling.

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