Friday, November 13, 2009

Back to School: the Last Semester before my Sabbatical

After finishing the marathon I came back to Davao this Tuesday, in time for the start of the second semester. I am teaching 3 courses this semester: Ministry & Orders, Pastoral Leadership and Management, and Theological Synthesis.

There are fourteen students attending the course on Ministry and Orders and seventeen for the Pastoral Leadership and Management course. My students are from the Philippines, Thailand, Africa, Indonesia and Sri Lanka.

After this semester at the end of March, I will be starting my sabbatical (part II). I did a sabbatical in 2005 but I could only do it for the summer break and one semester, rather than the whole year because no one could teach my courses in the second semester. I spent two months in Israel and five months in my hermitage in Busay. So this time I asked if I could do part II. I will be in Italy from midMay and mid July and in my hermitage in Busay from mid July to end of October.

I have a very light load this semester - 2 major courses. So I can have more time to give talks and seminars and to do a lot of running and biking.

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