Friday, July 30, 2010

Camino de Santiago: Pilgrim's Progress - The Pilgrim's Song

Yesterday, I hiked 37 km from El Burgo de Ranero to Leon. This is the longest distance that I have hiked since I started the Camino. I did the whole distance wearing my sandals so I was able to do it more quickly. While walking alone I reflected on my own life's journey focusing on the last 10 years.
I reached the Albergue in Leon by 3:30 pm and was able to get plenty of rest. I was able to meet some pilgrims whom I befriended the last two weeks. I joined some the pilgrims for dinner at a restaurant and we shared our experiences. After the evening prayer with the Benedictine sisters I sat near the garden drinking hot chocolate. A young Spanish woman who heard I am a priest approached me and asked me to hear her confession. I gladly said yes.
I started walking barefoot at 6:15 and after almost 5 hours the road became hotter and harsh so I finally wore my sandals. I was able to cover 27 km. I am now in Martin del Campo.

While hiking I sang the song I composed yesterday:

Pilgrim's Song

We are pilgrims on a journey
Across the mountains & plains of Spain
We're on our way to Santiago
To the field of stars.

Ultreia, onward do we go
Ultreia, to the tomb of St. James

We're hiking across the Pyrenees,
The mesetas and Galicia.
We do not mind the cold & the heat,
The blisters & the muscle pains.

Ultreia, onward do we go
Ulreia, to the city of St. James

As we make our own Camino
We are not all alone
We meet friends & companions
On the road & the albergues.

Ultreia, onward as we go.
Ultreia, to our final destiny.

We are pilgrims on a journey
Within our mind, heart & soul.
And we grow in the Spirit
In faith, hope & love.

Ultreia, onward as we go.
Ultreia, to our final destiny.

We are pilgrims in life`s journey

to our final destiny

to the home of our Father,

his Son and the Holy Spirit.


Ultreia, onward do we go

Ultreia, to our final destiny


ksam said...

Would we know the tune?? Like the words!

Sil said...

You are certainly not alone Amado - there are lots of us envious peregrinos following your pilgrimage with you!
Buem camino - bendigais!

謝翁穎翰毓珍 said...

Many a little makes a mickle.......................................................................

Nonie said...

Hi Ding! Am so glad to hear from you... I envy you. I hope someday I could do also my own kind of pilgrimage.
Jing2x came home last week. Her boss finally approved her application for vacation leave with pay, thanks be to God. She will be going back this Thursday (Aug 5), and hopefully finish her contract. Please include us in your prayers. We'll also pray for your success... 'Til then, God bless... Regards from all of us...

Bong said...

Been following your blog religiously. Interesting, inspirational, spiritual is how I describe it. Thanks for sharing.