Saturday, January 01, 2011

Welcoming the New Year 2011

I just arrived here in Cebu this afternoon after spending my post-Christmas vacation in Iligan with my sisters and their family.

Last night after the New Year's eve mass at the Redemptorist, I went over to my sister Nonie's house and joined her family and my other sisters (Mely & Cely) welcome the New Year. The night-sky was lit with colorful fireworks. I went home to the monastery at 1 pm and slept soundly. I woke up early to celebratethe 6 am mass this morning and later left for Cagayan to take the plane for Cebu.

As I welcome the New Year, I also say goodbye to 2010. It has been a good year. I achieved most of what I planned to do. I went on a pilgrim journey. I ran/walked 400 km across Mindanao during the Holy Week, and then ran/walked 800 km barefoot the Camino de Santiago in Spain in July-August. I have also lived as a hermit in the mountain of Busay. I have almost finished editing and revising 2 book projects and they should be ready for publication.

What does the new year 2011 have in store for me? I expect major changes in my life after the end of the second semester in March.

What are my goals this year?

Continue losing weight until I reach my ideal running weight of 135 lbs
Run the Cebu Marathon
Solo Run/Walk for Peace across the Philippines (Davao to Aparri via Cordilleras - 2200 km)
Publish my books
Spend more time in promoting the growth of Basic Ecclesial Communities all over the Philippines and conducting retreat for the clergy.

I am just so excited thinking about the prospects for this year.

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ksam said...

Your choice of wording....I really felt moved by it. Goals. Not resolutions or promises. Goals you work towards, stumbling sometimes, failing sometimes..but continuing towards. I'll have to try applying that to my thoughts for this year! Esp. as with regard to planning my Camino for this year. Wishing you a blessed New Year.