Monday, March 21, 2011

Final Preparation for Ultra-Run/Walk Across the Philippines

My classes are over and I only have to give the final exams for my students this week and after that a period of my life as a professor which lasted for 16 years will be over. Time to move on to my new assignment in Manila as executive secretary of the Committee on BEC of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines. How do I get to Manila from Davao? Instead of flying, I will just run/walk to Manila and even farther - up to Aparri, the northern tip of the Philippines, then take the bus back to Manila (it will take 58 days to cover over 2000 km). This will symbolize my life as a continuing journey and pilgrimage.

I am making my final preparation for this journey of a lifetime. I have already finalized the itinerary. I have already sent the letter to the parish priests where I will stay overnight - requesting for hospitality and asking for a chance to preach about the Gospel of Life & Peace. I have all the necessary equipment that I will need - backpack, running shorts and quick-dry shirts, jacket, running shoes & sandals, headlight, hydration system, umbrella, etc.

My training continues. Yesterday, I went on a 50 km run/walk training along the Davao-Bukidnon highway which took 9 hours 17 minutes. I carried my back-pack and imagined that I was already on my pilgrimage. The night before, I had heavy dinner. Then before starting in the morning, I just took coffee and ate a banana. I didn't have any lunch. I just consumed 5 bananas and 2 pieces of cookies during the entire run. I drank water and energy drink (samurai, extra-joss) every hour. Part of the time I wore sandals, and part of the time I wore a pair of running shoes. I noticed that after 4 hours, I developed some hot spots on my feet while wearing sandals, so I decided to wear my running shoes up to the end of the run/walk. I think it is not a good idea to wear sandals on hot asphalt highway - it could cause blisters. I felt fine during the whole 9 hours - I didn't feel exhausted or hungry.

This morning when I woke up, I felt fine. No muscular pain or strain. I could do another 40-50 km if I wanted but I decided to give myself a break. The remaining days up to the start of my run/walk pilgrimage, I will just do shorter training - 2-3 hours.


ksam said...

Sounds like your totally ready! Wishing you all the best on this next step on your pilgrimage. Will be thinking of you as I prep for Santiago! Buen Camino, Karin

Fr. Picx said...

Thanks, Karin. Buencamino to you too. I would be doing the Camino again soon if Spain was near and I had the money. So a pilgrimage across my country is the next best thing. I will still put the scallop on my mochilla. I'll have to wait for the next Xacobeo(2021)before I can walk the Camino again.

PulpBits said...

Hi Father Picx,
Wow! This sounds like an adventure! I will be following your progress in the coming months. How long do you think will it take you, Father?:)


Fr. Picx said...

Hi Pauline, it will take 58 days to cover over 2000km (April 1 to May 28, 2011). I will post my itinerary this week.

Bald Runner said...

good luck, father picx! i will visit your blog from time to time for your updates. all the best!

Webster Twelb said...

Hello Sir,

I saw you this morning and I didn't know what was going on..I was like why are people walking with the same shirt...says run/walk....

I'm a runner myself and I couldn't help look at your direction. The shirt says Aparri from Davao or something like that and I thought THAT'S INSANE AND IMPOSSIBLE!!

I really think what you're doing is a great thing. All my prayers for you and I hope the message of this trip would spread as much as the distance you have covered.

I also said...I wanted to be part of that.:-)

Good luck and take care.