Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Burying a Dictator

So you think you can heal the division in this land
by giving a hero's burial to the dictator?
No, you are just reopening old wounds
and awaken the anger that lay dormant in our hearts.
Why are you doing this?
As payback for the support of the dictator's family
who financed your candidacy with the money looted
by your corrupt and bloodthirsty idol?
Your mother must be turning in her grave.
She fought the dictator, remember?
Are you doing this to spite her memory?
By burying the dictator in hallowed ground
you are digging your own grave.
Our outcry against his burial is a protest
against your rule that has turned this land into a killing field.
Someday you will have the same fate as your idol.
But you will not have a hero's burial.

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