Friday, March 27, 2020

At the center of Catholicism and the epicenter of the Corona-Virus

Just a year ago I was in Brazil after living as an exile in the desert of Arizona. I could only stay in the US for a maximum of six months so I moved to Fortaleza. I could only stay in Brazil for three months so I came back to the Philippines at the end of June and resumed my life as a hermit in Lipa. I could only stay for six months there because my superiors were concerned that the death squad would find me. Our superior general recommended me for the vacant position of executive co-secretary of the Commission for Justice, Peace and Integrity of Creation of the Union of Superiors General in Rome. I arrived here in Rome before Christmas and started my work in January. I didn't expect that after over two months I would find myself at the epicenter of Wuhan Corona-Virus also known as COVID-19 which started in China in December and has spread all over the world.
As of today, the number of cases in Italy has reached 80,589 cases and 8,215 dead (including 60 priests and 1 bishop). Italy is now considered as the epicenter of this pandemic. The virus has spread to 190 out of 195 countries. This is the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu in 1918. It is going to get worst. Italy is on total lock down as so many countries all over the world - including the Philippines. I haven't been to the office for two weeks but I continue to do some work in my room. I don't know how long this will take but things are getting worst and I have to prepare for the long haul.

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