Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Gift of a New Mountain Bike

I am feeling very ecstatic. Yesterday, I received a new mountain bike! Its a Merida TFS with all the high end components. It cost P60,000. There was a discount when the bike shop owner learned that it was for me.
After he read the news on the Philippine Daily Inquirer about the loss of my bike, Patrick Deakin called me and told me that he and his friends wanted to give me a bike so that I can continue my mission to bike for peace around the country.
A few days ago Patrick texted me and told me that the bike was ready and all that was left was to deliver it to me. I told him that I will be in Manila on July 6 since I will leave for India to attend a BEC theological conference. So he delivered the bike yesterday here in Baclaran, a few hours after I arrived from Davao. I am so grateful to Patrick and his friends for their generosity. They are now part of this mission.
There were actually three other offers for a bike donation (from Brionne, Dolly and the Philippine Cycling Network), but Patrick called me first. So I had to decline the other offers. Just the same, I am thankful to them for their generous offer.
What has happened has convinced me that no matter how bad things look like some good will still come out of it. The theft of my old bike was a blessing in disguise. I got a new bike which I could never afford. This bike is capable of negotiating all kinds of roads in the Philippines- including the rough roads of the Cordillera mountain ranges.
God is good - and people like Patrick and his friends have proven it.
I will be leaving for Bangalore, India this afternoon. When I come back next week, I will bring the mountain bike back to Davao.


Michael Deakin said...

Well done Patrick and thanks for taking the lead on this good cause! You have a good heart bro. Thanks also Jacko, Detsy and Jo for your contributions this truly wonderful cause.

Malcolm Deakin said...

Patrick - I'm very proud of you and your friends for having done this, thus enabling Fr Amado to carry on his ministry to those who might otherwise have been deprived of contact with God. Fr Amado is an amazing man - and so are you, my son. All my love from England.

tito revereal said...

Great work Patrick! i am sure Fr. Picx will use it in his ministry.

To PicX. God bless you with a healthy heart.

Tito R. from Cambodia