Monday, December 24, 2007

Early Dawn Mass (Misa de Gallo)

This morning we celebrated the ninth day of the Misa de Gallo and tonight we will be celebrating the Christmas eve mass. I continue to be amazed by the crowd that came to church. Elsewhere in the parish, the members of the Basic Ecclesial Communities (BECs) gather early in the morning in their chapel for bible-service throughout these nine days.
We Filipinos probably have the longest celebration of Christmas. Our traditional celebration is a means for the majority of the faithful to maintain and renew their bond with the Church.
We are constantly reminded that Christmas is not about Santa Clause or Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer - it is about Christ who came to bring light to the world.
For as long as we continue to celebrate Christmas this way, Christianity will not only survive but also grow inspite of the threats of secularism and materialism. Our churches will never be empty.


Dominic CSsR said...

Picx, Thanks for the great pictures! Have a wonderful celebration of the Incarnation.

Dominic C.Ss.R

Fr. Picx said...

you're welcome dominic, a joyful and peaceful Christmas to you.