Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Day of the Year - Waiting for the New Year.

I'm here in Iligan, my hometown. I left Davao the day after Christmas and came by motorbike across the Bukidnon mountains. It took me over eight hours to drive 390 km.
It is the last day of the year 2007, and a few hours from now we will meet the new year 2008. The noise of firecrackers can be heard outside the monastery. I am just waiting for the New Year eve's mass which will start at 9 pm.

This morning after mass, I went mountain-biking in the trail near the Pugaan mountain. At 9:30 I dropped by the cemetery and attended the last day of novena for my aunt Tanciang who died a few days before Christmas. I presided at her funeral mass the other day.

This afternoon at three I brought my six nephews and nieces to Jollibee for hamburger and hotdog. This has become an annual ritual for the last 8 years. Everytime I come home for my post-Christmas vacation we usually go out for some snacks and conversation. I'm very fond of them. They are fast growing up. I will be meeting my brothers and sisters for dinner after the New Year's day for common celebration and business meeting.

As the year draws to a close I wish to express my thanks to the Lord for the blessings I have received throughout the year. I also express my regret for not being able to achieve some of my new year's resolutions. I am still overweight, I have not been able to continue training for my marathon comeback, and I haven't finished writing my book.

So once again I am making my New Year's Resolution. This is what I intend to achieve this coming year:

1. Reach my target weight of 145 lbs (this means losing 25 lbs)
2. Normalize my cholesterol levels and blood pressure
3. Bike for Life & Peace around the Philippines (over 4000 km in 49 days)
4. Start marathon training after the bike-tour (run the Philippine Marathon in Feb. 2009)
5. Publish my books on Ecclesiology (A Vision of a Renewed Church) and on BEC (A Manual for Developing Basic Ecclesial Communities)

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