Sunday, March 23, 2008

Homily for Easter Sunday

When the story of our life is told, how does it end?. For many of us, it ends with our death. The last scene of the story is probably our burial-- in the tomb or the grave. A story that ends with death is a tragedy. It is a sad story. The question: is that really how our stories should end?

Last Friday, we recalled the story of Jesus' suffering and death. He was falsely accused by the powers that be, and brutally executed. Before nightfall, he was buried in the tomb. His disciples had dispersed, some were in hiding, filled with grief, feeling hopelessly defeated. They thought that the story of Jesus ended on Good Friday in a tomb.

Today, Easter Sunday, we recall the continuation of Jesus' story. When the women and some of disciples led by Peter came to the tomb, they found it empty. Jesus had risen from the dead. He has conquered death, he has defeated the power of sin .

Thus, the story of his life has not ended in the tomb -- it continues.

What we celebrated this Holy Week was not just the story of Jesus' suffering and death. We are celebrating his passage from death to life, from darkness to light. This is what Easter is all about.

As we celebrate Jesus' paschal mystery -- his passover, his passage from death to life
we remember our own baptism which signifies our own passage from death to life, from darkness to light. By our baptism we share in Christ's paschal mystery. We have died to sin and we have risen to new life.

This is what we are called to do every of our life -- to continue to die to sin and live a new life in Christ, a life that is freed from the power of sin and selfishness, a life lived in love and service to God and our fellowmen.

Easter also reminds us, that the story of our life is not meant to end in the grave or the tomb. Our destiny is everlasting life, in God's kingdom.

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