Monday, October 06, 2008

Celebrating the Gift of Life - 54 years and counting

I woke up at 4:30 this morning for meditation. By five pm I walked around the church grounds and then did Tai-chi. I celebrated the Eucharist in the church at six in the morning. After the mass, the organist and some of the choir sang Happy Birthday.
Later in the morning, I went by bike to a beach resort in Samal Island where my fellow Redemptorists were having their recreation. After lunch I biked back to the monastery. At four pm, I began cooking "kare-kare" (oxtail and tripe cooked with vegetables and with peanut sauce). It has been a while since I cooked this dish. The friends of the community arrived bringing some food - the usual potluck for birthday celebration. Everybody liked my "kare-kare" and there was none left after a while. After dinner we had some singing. I accompanied the various singers on the piano.
By nine, with the party was over, everyone went home. I brought some of the cake to the seminar house where some of the young people were practicing the choreography of the e-operetta "Reluctant Saint." During the break they finished the cake.

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