Friday, October 31, 2008

Missiology Seminar (Alphonsian Lay Formation Institute)

For the last three days, I have been conducting a seminar on missiology to the trainees of the Alphonsian Lay Formation Institute here in Iligan. This year, there are 6 young men and women who are undergoing formation. These are the topics that we discussed:
1. Mission in General, Mission ad Gentes, Mission ad Intra
2. Biblical-Theological Foundation of Mission: Trinitarian Source of Mission
(The Father's Plan of Salvation, Christological perspective, pneumatological perspective)
3. Ecclesiological Foundation of Mission
4. The Goal/Paths of Mission
5. Dialogue and Mission
6. Inculturation
7. Explicit Proclamation, Witnessing
8. Building up the local Church/Christian communities, BECs
9. Human Promotion and Development
10. Redemptorist Missions: Historical Overview and Missiological Analysis

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