Friday, March 06, 2009

Another Victim of the Culture of Death in Davao

This morning I said mass at the Assumption Convent and one of the intention was for the safety of Rebelyn Pitau who was abducted yesterday. After the mass, we heard the news that her body has been found. She had been tortured, raped and then stabbed to death. This is horrible.
Rebelyn, a 20 year old school teacher - is the daughter of NPA kumander Parago whom the military has been trying to capture for a long time. Rebelyn's mother blamed the military intelligence group for the dastardly act. I tend to believe her. Who else would try to kill the rebel leader's daughter?
Over 25 years ago, the killing of suspected subversives and criminals were a common occurence. I was hoping that it would be a thing in the past with the fall of the Marcos dictatorial rule. Today it continues in Davao. There is a death squad that assassinates suspected criminals and there is also another group abducts and kills not only suspected rebels but also their relatives. This is another manifestation of the culture of death and the spiral of violence in our land. Life has not value in this land. New People's Army continue their protracted guerilla war and the military still uses the same tactics employed before by the dictator's army. The same method is used by those in authorities in their so-called war against criminals. All these continue to happen under the present government. When will this end?

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