Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Celebrating the end of the school year

Another school year has ended and tonight we came together to celebrate. The mass which was attended by the seminarians, professors and staff was presided by Fr. Brendan, the new director of the St. Alphonsus' Theological and Mission Institute (SATMI). Sr. Miriam, the new dean, was also around. Immediately after the mass we had a feast and a program.

Yesterday we had our faculty meeting and earlier today we had our administrative council meeting. So the summer vacation has begun.

I am happy that after over 12 years as the dean of academics I am finally stepping down. I will still be teaching next school year but my load will be lighter (ecclesiology, sacraments, ministry & orders, pastoral leadership & management, theological synthesis). Fr. Brendan and Br. Ramon Coronel will be handling some the courses that I used to teach. Hopefully, by next year Fr. Mario will finish his studies in Louvain and he can teach my other courses. So beginning first semester in 2010, I will be on sabbatical! It will be seven months of "hibernation" (2 months in Rome and 5 months as a hermit in Busay). I will definitely finish all my book projects by then. Meanwhile, I will have to be satisfied with spending a few days in Samal island (camping & scuba diving) and one month in Busay.

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