Friday, August 20, 2010

Pilgrim's Progress: The Journey Home

I arrived here in Rome last week and the following day I went to Milan with my friends Tina & Ed and their companion Nelly. We spent the long weekend there, visiting Lake Como and exploring the old city. During the long drive from Rome to Milan and back, I shared with them my experience about the Camino and taught them the song that I composed. They were so inspired that they decided to do the last part of the Camino (Sarria-Santiago de Compostela) next year.

Tina and Ed are old friends from way back. Ed works at the UN-FAO and Tina (who holds a doctorate in social science from the Gregorian University) organizes leadership/social enterpreneurship training for OFWs in Italy.

I spent the last few days here in Rome recovering. I just walked around the city for 3 hours each day, visiting my favorite places and buying books that I will bring back to the Philippines.

Today at midday, I will take the plane back to Cebu via Doha. I still have over 2 months left in my Sabbatical which I will spend as a hermit in the mountain of Busay. I will have much time reflecting on my Camino experience and preparing for my re-entry to "normal' life.

The journey home is not just a physical journey. It is a continuing inner journey. As the saying goes: the longest journey is the inner journey from the head to the heart.


ksam said...

Enjoy your retreat from the world! You've had the most amazing journey, and thanks for allowing us to follow along.

James said...

Congratulations Father! I read about your grand entry to the great cathedral in Santiago (hope you were not suffering too much). You will be an inspiration for me when I get on the Camino in a couple of weeks. Best wishes, "Vandrefalk" James. L.D.S.