Sunday, August 29, 2010

Recording from my Hermitage: Camino Pilgrim Song

I arrived here in Cebu (Philippines) last Saturday (August 21) and went up to my "hermitage" in Busay on Monday (August 23). Once a week, on Sundays, I come down to the monastery to join my Redemptorist confreres for meals, check my e-mail, and get my food supply for the week. I go back to the hermitage the following day.

I spend most of my time in solitude, silence, prayer, reflection, reading and writing. I also find time to run or walk in the mountains. At night, I play the flute or the violin. Or I sing to myself, accompanied by my guitar. I prepare my own meals (I eat once a day, at night). This is my "sacred space." For the last 29 years, since my ordination, I spend a month or two annualy on this mountain as a hermit.

It is taking sometime to shake off the jet lag. It seems that my body-clock is still following the Camino time. I have difficulty in going to sleep and waking up at the right (Philippine time). My shins are still a bit painful and they require a few more weeks of rest and recovery. Then I start my training program for the marathon which I plan to run in January next year.

The past week, I have been reflecting on my own Camino experience, writing down the insight, learnings and lessons that I have gained. I still have seven more weeks of reflection. Some day, I hope to share the fruits of my reflection.

As I promised, I am posting a recording of the song that I composed while doing the Camino. I recorded this with my cellphone, so I'm doubtful about the quality.

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ksam said...

What a lovely surprise! Thank if I can get this onto my Ipod nano...I'll take it on Camino with me! Gracias, Karin