Sunday, September 05, 2010

"Movie-Photo" The Barefoot Pilgrim - Camino de Santiago de Compostela

I've finally been able to put together the photos that I took during the Camino using the Windows Movie-Maker program. The background music is the song that I composed - Camino Pilgrim Song. Here it is:

I love to watch this video over and over again because it brings back a lot of memories.

I made it to Santiago de Compostela after hiking almost 800 km for 27 days mostly barefoot and at times wearing my sandals when the road got so hot and harsh and on days when my feet needed to recover.

What difference did walking barefoot make to my pilgrimage?

Walking barefoot, inspite the difficulties and pain, has been an extraordinary and profound experience for me. It became a prayerful, meditative and contemplative act. It enabled me to focus my attention on the present moment - on every step I took, the sensation of my feet caressing the ground, and the smell and beauty of nature around me. It was for me an expression of my reverence for the sacredness of the path that I was walking on and my connection with past pilgrims who have walked the Camino for over a thousand years. It made me more aware of the Divine presence, especially that time when in my most painful moments I prayed for healing and felt energy rising from the ground and suddenly taking away the pain in my swollen ankle and shin.

Watching this video over and over again helps me reflect on my own pilgrimage experience.

There are three important phases in a pilgrimage.
The first phase is the preparation - a time for planning and preparing (physically, psychologically and spiritually).
The second phase is the actual pilgrimage itself.
The third phase is the post-pilgrimage stage which includes a time of prayerful reflection, reentry and going home.

The third phase is as important as the first and second phase. We should not rush to go home and forget what we have just experienced. We need time to go over deeply what we have gone through, observe the changes and transformation in ourselves (physically, psychologically, and spiritually) and sum up the lessons and insights that we can bring to our life. This is what I am trying to do as I live in solitude in my hermitage. Hopefully after this period, I can share my experiences with others and apply to my life what I have learned in the Camino.

The Pilgrimage did not end in Santiago de Compostela (the field of stars), it was not the final destiny, neither was the Finisterre (the end of the earth) overlooking the deep blue ocea. Our whole life is a pilgrimage to our final destiny - beyond this life, to the Divine Source of life. Meanwhile, the journey and pilgrimage continues - within ourselves and in our daily struggles to make this world a better place to live in. This message is contained in the song that I composed:

Camino Pilgrim Song

We are pilgrims on a journey
across the mountains and plains of Spain.
We're on our way to Santiago
to the field of stars.

Ultreya, onward must we go
Ultreya, to the tomb of Santiago

We are hiking across the Pyrenees
the Meseta and Galicia.
We don't mind the cold and the heat,
the blisters and the muscle pain.

Ultreya, onward must we go
Ultreya, to the city of Santiago.

Though we make our own camino
we are never all alone.
we meet friends and companions
on the road and the albergues.

Ultreya, onward must we go.
Ultreya, to the field of stars.

We are pilgrims on life's journey
within our mind, heart and soul.
And we grow in the Spirit,
in faith, hope and love.

Ultreya, onward must we go.
Ultreya, to our final destiny.

We are pilgrims on a journey
from darkness to light,
to the kingdom of justice,
and peace and of freedom.

Ultreya, onward must we go.
Ultreya, to our final destiny.

We are pilgrims on a journey
to our final destiny,
to the home of our Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Ultreya, onward must we go.
Utreya, to our final destiny.


ksam said...

Thank you again for sharing your journey. It's funny now, when I see the words of you Pilgrim song, I find myself humming along...guess I've found a song for my next Camino!

I also want to thank you for this post, for reminding us that there is that last part, the putting into perspective and practice what we learn by our journey.

Gracias, Karin

Delia Datuin said...

Hello Father, my name is Delia a canadian pilipino, I am going to do the camino starting in lourdes to saint jean pied do port, to santiago to finesterri,muxia, this coming fall, september to october 2014, alone. Iam so impress the way you did it for the camino and all your outing experience, I have done a lot of hikes and mountenering and backpacking around the contenant, hoping to meet you someday. delia.