Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Another victim of the Davao Death Squad (DDS)

I just received a message that Clarita Alia's teenage son, Fernando, was killed by the Davao Death Squad (DDS) yesterday. They stabbed him to death to make it appear that it was just another gangland killing. But Clarita insited that it was the handiwork of the DDS. Several months ago, Clarita was featured in the ITV-CNN documentary on the Davao Death Squads in Davao. She had already lost 3 sons to the DDS. And now she has lost her 4th son.

Over the last few months, the DDS have changed their tactics. Instead of shooting their targets, they now stab them. Thus, the killings are no longer reported in the media because they make it appear that these are the usual gangland killings. But their goal is still the same. To cleanse society of social misfits - petty thieves, drug addicts and pushers, etc. There are ove 500 victims of these summary executions. Many believe that the perpetrators are former communist-Sparrow Unit assassins and off-duty policement encouraged, supported or tolerated by the local government executive and the police. Even the US state department and the UN Rapporteur have expressed concern about these killings.

Elsewhere, the killings continue. In some areas the targets are petty criminals, in other areas the targets are members of alleged leftist legal organizations like Bayan Muna.

What is alarming is that in face of this culture of death, there is a culture of silence. This present government has not done anything to stop the killings. This government is in a state of denial, as the UN Rapporteur Allston reported. The ordinary citizens do not care. There is no public outcry. They keep on electing people who have blood on their hands.

We are just a few lonely voices, crying in the wilderness.


code said...

We all know that we don't have the right to take someone's life and it is not our position as humans to judge other humans. But one thing I know, we are all the same because of our different perspectives in life.

In this situation, I can see that we are divided by this two perspectives in life:

-"If there is a rotten fruit in the basket, take it away so the other fruits won't be affected".

-"Those who have not sinned may cast the first stone to the sinners"

Most of us would say that the 2nd perspective is more righteous and can easily say that "humans are no fruits, they can change". And I agree humans can change but it can only change if there are actions that we can do.

In my opinion, I don't blame the DDS about this killings because for them it is the right thing for the society. Yes, it is wrong to kill a person but if you think about it. Which is more better? A cleansed society of social misfits or the other way around.

I would expect that most of use would say "Of course, I would take the first option but not the way you need to kill people." And I agree with that but I would like to say it again I don't blame the DDS or the government about it. The parents should realize this that it is their responsibility.

What I'm trying to say is from the situation of Clarita Alia, she should not have let her sons be in that situation in the first place. She is the mother and she should have done her part teaching her sons or at least monitor their activities. Yes, I blame the mother and not the government or DDS. To be practical, if you left those thieves or drug addicts being a bad influence or "pest" in the society then it can do no good at all. The judgment of the DDS is a double edge if we don't want it that then we must also do our part and not to put the blame. We should remember we have our own responsibilities. The killings will STOP if you take away their reason to kill.

PS: To Mrs. Alia, if you still have a child please do take care of it. As a person, I don't want to lose another life and I know most of us don't want it. And in my own point of view, your sons did not die as an evil being in the society. God created both good and evil not to let us choose which side we are but to realize that good exist for us. Your sons are instruments and I don't treat them as social misfits. Like Jesus Christ who died for us, your sons also died for us to realize this. I realized it, I hope you realize it to. Have a nice day! And God Bless...

Blogie said...

Hello Fr. Amado!

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God bless!