Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Hearing Confession

I spent almost three hours listening to the confession of our church-goers after the mass this evening. Over 500 people turned up for the communal penitential celebration followed by individual confession. There were only 5 of us priests to hear the confessions of the people.

Well, I was not suprised by the big turn out. We are after all in the middle of the Holy Week and tomorrow is Holy Thursday.

Many of those who came to confess were people who had not been to confession for a long time. I was overwhelmed by the heavy and serious sins that they confessed. After almost three hours I was tired and I had a headache.

Many of those who confessed were in tears as they unburdened their guilt that they have been carrying for quite some time. I sensed that going to confession was an expression of conversion - the desire to change or renew their life. It was also the opportunity to communicate to them
God's mercy and compassion.

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