Friday, April 20, 2007

Consoling the mother of a Davao Death Squad (DDS) victim

I went over to Bangkerohan this evening to condole with Clarita - the mother of Fernando - and lead the prayer service which was held at the barangay hall. Fernando was only 15 years old. He had been warned by some Barangay officials that his name was on the list of the Death Squad. He was in hiding for several months but got homesick. A few days after returning home he was killed by the DDS. Three of his elder brothers were also executed by the DDS, several years ago. Clarita was inconsolable after losing her fourth son.

Life is so cheap in our country. They want to cleanse society of juvenile delinquents -without giving them a chance to reform. Meanwhile, the corrupt politicians, police and military men who have stolen millions and responsible for the suffering and death of so many of our people go unpunished.

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