Saturday, November 01, 2008

Lowering blood pressure without medication

Early this morning, after waking up I measured my blood pressure. It was 148/91. After meditation it went down to 137/86. Then I went on a three-hour long distance run to the Pugaan mountain and back. I measured my blood pressure after the run: 114/74.
So besides meditation, running can lower the blood pressure. It looks amazing. Running is a strenous activity and we usually expect the blood pressure to shoot up. Instead it goes down, in my case.
It is not really surprising since running for me is a contemplative activity - it is meditation in motion. Like sitting meditation, running can bring about an alternative state of consciousness that relaxes the mind and the body. That is why I enjoy running and I forget about the time.
I have less than four months before the marathon. My body is getting used to long distance running again. I am still slow and sluggish. What is important is that I am no longer dependent on medication to keep my blood pressure down.

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