Thursday, November 27, 2008

Mindanao Week of Peace - Walk for Peace & Opening Rites

The Mindanao Week of Peace (MWOP) started today with a peace walk which started at 3:30 pm at the Freedom Park and ended at the Rizal Park. Over two thousand people attended - Muslims and Christians. I joined the Imam, Pastors and Priests at the stage for the opening rites. The MWOP is an annual event initiated by the Bishops-Ulama Conference to enable the people of Mindanao to celebrate and express their aspirations for peace.
The theme for this year's MWOP is: Integrity of Mind and Heart, a Way to Reconciliation and Peace
There are several activities lined up for this week:
Mindanao Peace and Development Communicators Forum (Nov. 27-28)
Youth Peace Camp (Nov. 28-30)
Students' Forum "Mindanao History" and "Workshop for Peace" (Nov. 29)
Culture of Peace for Children: Empoweing Children as Peacebuilders (Nov. 29-30)
Bike for Peace (Nov. 30)
Church-Mosque Visitation: Priests, Pastors, Imams (Dec. 1)
Closing Day : Fasting & Prayer for Peace (Dec. 3, 8 am - 5 pm)

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