Monday, December 15, 2008

Healing Proces for a Person with Cancer

This afternoon, Lydia came over with her husband Berting for another healing session. For the last the last four weeks she has been coming every Monday afternoon. I have taught her to meditate. I taught her some visualization exercises. I also asked her to do some walking exercises daily. I had also taught Berting some healing techniques that he can apply on Lydia every day.

The most moving session was two weeks ago when her three daughters also came. It was a moment of experiencing forgiveness and reconciliation for Lydia and her daughters. She also confessed a grave sin that she committed a long time ago which she tried to forget but which continued to haunt her conscience. She believed that her cancer was a punishment for her guilt. After receiving absolution, she felt a deep sense of peace.

So this afternoon, I asked her how she was. She told me that she had been meditating twice a day and could feel a flow of warm energy entering her during meditation. She also felt the same thing every time Berting prays over her every day. This was the same feeling she often experiences everytime I lay my hand over the different parts of her body. She said that she has noticed a lot of improvement. Her body now feels lighter. The pain in her back and stomach are gone. She feels stronger. She can now do more walking around the house. Her appetite has improved. She has also stopped thinking that she is dying. I noticed that she no longer feel pain when I touch the various points in her body.

After our healing session, I told her to continue her her daily healing meditation, visualization and walking exercise. We will still meet next week. I pray and hope that her healing process will continue. Of course, I told her to entrust everything to God. She said she is ready for anything - whether it be death or an extension of her life.

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