Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Post-Christmas Family Gathering

I am here in Iligan for my post-Christmas holiday vacation. I came by motorbike three days ago, traveling 390 km in 8 hours. I am staying at the Redemptorist monastery.

Last night, I went to my sister's house for our post-Christmas celebration with my sisters and their families. I have three sisters here in Iligan - Nonie (the chemistry professor in Iligan Institute of technology), Myrna (a medical doctor) and Mely (an architect). We miss four of our siblings who are outside the country. Sam (an engineer) is in California, Angel (an architect) is in New Jersey, Agustin (a seaman) is on a ship somewhere in the Antlantic Ocean,) and Cely (a physical therapist) is in Kentucky.

I suppose, we are like many other Filipino families whose members are in diaspora in different parts of the world. They believe that there is not much future here in the Philippines and they have to go elsewhere to have a better life. Of course, they remit dollars and keep the economy alive. But at what price? I hope a day will come when it will no longer be necessary for Filipinos to go abroad to live a decent life.

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