Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Underwater "Wedding"

Yesterday, I officiated the wedding of Oliver and Vannie which was held in our parish church. Both of them are scuba divers and they wanted to have their wedding underwater. But I told them that it was not permitted. They asked me if we can reenact their wedding underwater the following day. I gladly consented. So this morning we reenacted the wedding 15 feet underwater near Talikud island in a dive site called "coral garden." It was attended by 20 divers who are friends of the newly-wed. I wrote the question on a white slate and they gave their response through hand signal. Afterwards we went ashore and had lechon for lunch. When we parted I told the couple that I would be willing to officiate when they renew their marriage vows during their silver wedding anniversary. We can do it underwater. Their children will have to learn scuba diving.

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