Monday, August 03, 2009

In Memoriam, Cory Aquino. (Yellow - the Color of Mourning)

Yesterday during the 4:30 pm mass, I wore a yellow stole over the white chasuble instead of a green stole. It was un-liturgical but I thought it was appropriate since we were remembering Cory Aquino. Archbishop Capalla sent us a fax message last Saturday evening announcing the death of Cory and asking all the churches in the diocese to celebrate requiem mass for her for nine days. Before and after the mass, I wore my yellow t-shirt. I met Archbishop Capalla last night during dinner in Saint Aphonsus' parish and he was also wearing a yellow shirt.
This morning, I went out biking in Samal island wearing my yellow jersey. When I came back I wrote this poem.
Yellow – the Color of Mourning
(In Memoriam – Corazon Aquino)
Fr. Amado Picardal, CSsR
Yellow ribbons fill the trees and posts all over the land.
Many of us wear yellow shirts or arm bands as we wipe the tears in our eyes.
Why is yellow the color of mourning, not black?
What is it that we mourn for?

Like grown up children we mourn for the death of a mother
whom we had forgotten or ignored in her old age.
Her passing away made us realize
how much she had done for us, how she brought out the best in us long time ago.
We remember the widow still in mourning who bravely led us as we peacefully deposed the corrupt dictator that ruled the land.
We were not afraid of the tanks and the soldiers whom we embraced as brothers.
Yellow was the color of our struggle and our victory.
Yes, that was the moment when we were so proud to be Filipinos.
Sadly, that was the last time.
Now we live in shame, seeing what has happened since then.
Driving away the dictator was the easy part.
We failed to build a nation that is truly democratic, just, peaceful
and free from corruption.
What we and she fought against are still with us
even after we drove away another corrupt and abusive president.
Sadly the other woman installed by people power is no better
than the dictator and president that we deposed.
Until the end, the mother that we have forgotten continued to remind us and our leaders what we fought for and what we failed to do.

Gentle, compassionate woman,
beloved president
mother of the nation,
we thank you as we say goodbye.
We do not only mourn at you passing.
We mourn for ourselves and our nation.
As we wear yellow ribbons, armbands or shirts in your memory,
may we be reminded of the unfinished EDSA revolution.

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