Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Triathlon Training

This morning after celebrating the Mass with the PDDM sisters, I biked to the archbishop's residence where I swam for 20 minutes on the 18-meter pool. Completing one lap was very difficult - I had to rest for a couple of minutes between each lap. And to think that I have to able able to swim non-stop for an equivalent of 56 laps in the open sea to participate in the triathlon (1 km swim, 30 km bike, 7.5 km run). After the swim, I biked for 17 km before returning to the monastery. In the afternoon, I ran for 45 minutes (uphill repeats) in Ladislawa. I then had a 30 minute workout in the gym (back and triceps).

One of my goals this year is to finish the full marathon (42.2 km) in November. I run only 3 times a week (1 long run, 1 speed work, 1 hill repeats) but I also do some cross training (biking on non-running days). Joining a triathlon crossed my mind only recently when I realized that I can easily do the biking and running portions. If I can only learn to swim long distance, then I should be able to finish a triathlon (the sprint or olympic distance but not the ironman). I think I should be able to join the triathlon after running my comeback marathon - either this November late this year or March next year (depending on the progress of my swimming capability).

As I grow older, I am amazed at what I am capable of accomplishing physically. I may not have the speed but I have the endurance and this is what matters. I am more concerned about finishing well rather than winning. Starting this October, I will qualify to compete in the 55-59 age category. There are not too many participants in that category and I should do well and finish near the top. If I can can continue joining marathons and triathlons when I am over 70, I'm sure I can be a winner in my age category. When I am really too old to run (90-95 years old?) I can probably compete in the wheelchair division.

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