Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Joy of Running - (How to feel young as you grow older)

I am here in Cebu to attend a gathering of "Senior" Redemptorists which starts tomorrow. Redemptorists who are between 50-64 years old will be attending the conference where we will be discussing about issues and concerns that affect those of us who are entering old age.

Honestly, I don't feel I belong to this group. The word "senior" is often associated with "senior citizens but I really don't feel that old - even if I will qualify to get a "senior citizens" card 5 years from now which will entitle me to 20% discount on food and medicine, etc. There are many things that I can do which many people of my age (or even those much younger) cannot do any more. Take for instance, biking around the country for 2 months or running marathons (which I will be doing this November.)

This morning, I ran up and down the mountain of Busay (as far as Babag). It was raining the whole time yet I was enjoying the run which lasted for 3 hours and 45 minutes. It was a very smooth and relaxed run and I didn't even feel exhausted. It was the same feeling I experienced when I was running this mountain 20 years ago. I expect to be doing this 20 years from now.
I read in the internet about a 20-year study on runners and non-runners. The results show that the runners have less disease and live longer than non-runners. Running is the fountain of youth.

I have 3 more months before the Philippine International Marathon (Run for Pasig River) and my training is on schedule. I am getting leaner and more fit. My pace is getting faster and my runs longer. My waist line has shrunk from 37 inches to 31 inches. And I don't feel old.

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