Thursday, April 01, 2010

Trans-Mindanao Run/Hike (Day 5 March 31, 30k)

I woke up this morning feeling fresh, the pain in my shin completely gone. The blister didn't bother me.
It drizzled when I left at 5:30 and I immediately opened my umbrella. As usual I prayed on my feet.
Today is easy/recovery day - no running, just gentle walking for 30 km. I rested for 5 minutes after every hour. I know how important the walking breaks, rests and recovery days for ultra-long distance runs/hikes. Without these, I can easily break down and fail to complete the journey. In life we cannot just keep on working and moving fast, we need to slow down, take frequent breaks and rest. We also need to spend time in prayer and reflect about our life.
As I entered Malaybalay I recalled the anti-logging campaign which we helped organize more than 20 years ago. It was in this place where the people of San Fernando and the neighboring parishes set up a barricade that prevented the logging trucks from passing through. We had the support of Bishop,Gaudencio Rosales and some local government officials. As a result, President Cory Aquino declared a total log ban for the province. That experience was the beginning of my commitment to the environment. I am concerned that logging still continues in other parts of Mindanao even today.
I arrived here in Malaybalay at 1:30 pm. So far, I have already ran/walked 207 km. I spent the rest of the afternoon washing my clothes and relaxing.


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h ding. kumusta na ka? i hope you're ok. ayo2x. God bless. Nonie P.