Friday, April 02, 2010

Trans-Mindanao Run/Hike (Day 7, April 2, 38k)

Good Friday. I was on the road again at 5 am. There were lots of downhill running especially during the first four hours. As I ran down towards Puerto, I could see the coast line and the sea down below. I was filled with joy after realizing that I have reached the northern side of Mindanao after starting from the southern coast of Mindanao.
As I reached the Puerto crossing I still had 12 km to go before the city center. But by then the heat of the sun became unbearable. It felt like over 40 degrees celsius. I had to walk slowly, feeling the pain from the blisters and the shin. I used my umbrella to protect me from the heat of the sun. I continued to pray and meditate on the mysteries of the holy rosary - joyful, lights, sorrowful and glorious. What I like about the rosary is that it helps me contemplate with the blessed Mother Mary the mystery of Christ's incarnation, life, ministry, suffering, death and glorification of Jesus. While doing it, my pain and fatigue seem to disappear.
I attended the Good Friday liturgy at Nazarene parish church. By 5 am I reached the home of my cousin - Mr. & Mrs. Doring Caragos. I had dinner with them later.

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