Friday, April 02, 2010

Trans-Mindanao Run/Hike (Day 6 April 1, 58k)

This has been the longest day so far - 58 km! I started at four this morning. After more than an hour of walking, I began to mix running and hiking. I usually walked uphill and ran downhill. On the flat sections I used the Galloway method - running with walking intervals. The last 18 km was just a slow hike - in the rain. My calf muscles were tightening so I couldn't walk fast. I took a lot of breaks. By six I reached the Mangima zigzag road and I was making the steep ascent in the dark, using my head lamp. I reached Manolo Fortich after seven. Fr. Rubio brought me out to the carenderia for supper.
Over the last several days I have benefited from the hospitality of the parish priests. So I didn't have to spend anything for food and lodging. I have also been blessed by the aid of the poor along the way. Yesterday, a man stopped me and gave me money. It also happened this afternoon. A man also gave me cold water when I passed his house. A store owner did not ask me to pay for an energy drink. A woman who owned a fruit stand also gave me some free bananas. They didn't even know who I was.

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