Saturday, April 05, 2008

Bike-tour for Life & Peace Day 13 - Calapan-Lipa

As usual I woke up early this morning to pray and to pack my bags. I celebrated the six o'clock mass with Fr. Nestor and his parochial vicar concelebrating. Some of the local bikers attended the mass. By 7:15 Fr. Nestor and the local bikers accompanied me to the pier where I got on the Supercat. I am deeply touched by the hospitality of Fr. Nestor who also paid for my boat ticket. The Supercat landed in Batangas pier at 9:00 am. Outside the gates, Fr. Ernie - the superior of the Redemptorists in Lipa was waiting for me together with over 80 bikers from Lipa and Batangas. I was surprised when many bikers took off their helmets and ask me to bless them (mano po). So we set off towards Lipa - on my left rode one of the leaders of the Batangas Mountain-Bikers (a 59 year old lawyer) and on my right was a Leah- a pretty biker from Lipa who teaches in La Salle. The presence of my fellow bikers made it easier to negotiate the 30 km gradual ascent to Lipa. After over two hours of biking we reached the Divino Amor - Redemptorist Church and we were welcomed the Redemptorist community, the novices and staff. They prepared lunch for the bikers. I am just amazed by the hospitality of Fr. Ernie and the community.
I was able to get a good rest in the afternoon.

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BoUnEtTe said...

halu dre! layo najud kag naabtan dre..saludo kaau ko sa imo...unta mka experience pud kog inana na journey pareha sa imo...ingatz alwayz dre..:-)