Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day 36 & 37: Manila-Lucena-Calauag

Left Baclaran at 5:25 am yesterday, guided by Jojo and accompanied by Ed Bisco and Mel. Ed is a 56 year-old retired US Navy serviceman who lives in Sorsogon and who came all the way to Manila to bike with me on the Manila-Sorsogon legs. Mel is the Pinoy Mtbiker who met me in Tagaytay 3 weeks ago and who decided to come along for the Manila-Lucena leg. Jojo biked with us as far as Alabang and turned back. It was mostly a pleasant bike ride until the rains came at 1:15 pm. We had to take cover for a while until we decided to brave the rains. We reached Lucena at 3 pm after biking for 130 km. We were welcomed by Fr. Alex who learned about my coming only yesterday. The parish priest that I wrote to had been transferred so they were not expecting me. I just concelebrated at th 6 pm and I didn't even had the chance to preach.
Early this morning I continued my journey accompanied by Ed. Mel returned to Manila by bus. After 25 km of easy riding, we ascended the steep Eme mountain road. It was only 3 km uphill followed by 3 km downhill. I noticed that my rear disk brake was very noisy and was no longer working. Good thing the front brake was still ok. We reached Calauag by 12:30 pm. We were welcomed by Fr. Barreto who only learned about my coming yesterday. Again, the parish priest I wrote to had been transferred, so we weren't expected. There was also no regular afternoon mass, so no chance to preach. After some rest, we went to the bike shop and had my brakes fixed. The rear tire was also changed as it was worn out. The bike-shop owner was excited since he saw me on TV last night.

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