Thursday, April 24, 2008

Day 31-32: Baguio-Alaminos-Iba

Came down from Baguio yesterday morning along the Marcos Highway. It was mostly downhill riding for over 40 km. Upon reaching Agoo, I was met by 2 bikers of OCHO who accompanied me as far as the junction towards Dagupan. I was glad to see the sea again after being in the mountains for almost a week. It was a relaxing ride until I was 20 km to Alaminos. By then the heat became unbearable and there were some climbs. I felt weak. I had to stop several times and rest under the shade. I was met by 4 motorbike escorts 15 km before Alaminos. . With 10 km to go, over 30 bikers belonging to WESTPAC led by Capt. Perilla and Fr. Ed welcomed me and biked with me up to the Cathedral. I celebrated the 5:15 pm mass with three priests concelebrating. After the mass they brought me to the pier where we could view the hundred islands. Had supper with Bishop Marlo and some priests afterwards.

Early this morning 10 local bikers accompanied me as far as Sta. Cruz, 60 km from Alaminos, where over 20 motorcycle escorts of the Kabayan were waiting for me. After snacks we proceeded to Iba, another 60 km to go. Along the way, we met cyclists who were racing from Iba to St. Cruz and back. People along the road probably thought that I was leading the race but after a while, the cyclists overtook me. The afternoon sun became unbearable and I once again felt exhausted. I had to stop several times to rest. I had another flat tire which I quick fixed. We reached Iba by 2 pm, and was welcomed by Fr. Noriel. After a short rest, I celebrated the 5:15 pm mass.


magdalena said...

my dearest Fr. Picx,
this is Maggle Horfilla-Tolles. my admiration and my prayers for your strength and your body will continue to support you in your endeavor and success to reach your goal which i know you will with God is with you as always. GOGOGO PICX HUUURRRAAAYYY.
Sa kanunay nagmahal,

magdalena said...

I wish i was there with you to admire the scenery too lol. Remember when you were in Berkely and you joined the marathon we were cheering for you to lol

magdalena said...

one more thing kanus-a man mahuman ang imong BFP biking for peace tc