Saturday, April 26, 2008

Day 33 & 34: Iba-Balanga (Bataan) - Manila

I left Iba at 6 am yesterday accompanied by 20 Kabayan Motorbike escorts. We reached Olongapo at 10:00 am and proceeded to the Columban college where we were welcomed by the school officials and given snacks. At 10:45 the Kabayan bikers went back to Iba while I continued biking towards Bataan. At 12:15 I reached Roosevelt park and was welcomed by a group of bikers, police motorbike escorts, Knight Riders and provincial tourism officials. A large streamer was prominently displayed welcoming me. After a brief lunch, we proceeded towards Balanga. There were more streamers displayed at each town that we passed. More bikers joined us including Abby and her friend Arlene. Abby, a member of the Pinoy MtBikers forum had taken a leave from her work to join me. Even after biking for over 6 hours, I felt energized biking beside the pretty lady bikers. We reached Balanga at 3 pm and was welcomed by the parish priest, Fr. Perry, who had organized everything. At 5:15 pm, I concelebrated the Eucharist with Fr. Perry and preached the Gospel of Life and peace to a church that was full. After the mass, we went to Bishop Socrates Villegas' residence and had dinner with him and Msgr. Romy Banaban. I was impressed by Bishop's Villegas simplicity and his support. After dinner, he gave me an envelope with a rosary and a generous amount for my traveling expenses.

Early this morning at 5 am, Abby was on hand to say goodbye. She couldn't join me since she was still recovering from a cold. There was one lone road biker who joined me as I left Balanga - Jojo. After an hour four more bikers joined us until San Fernando, Pampanga. Then I continued to bike alone towards Manila. I was was nearing Bonifacio monument, I was drenched by a heavy downpour. I continued biking until I reached the CBCP compound at 3 pm, in time for the press conference organized by the staff of Msgr. Pepe Quitorio, of the CBCP media relations office. I read the content of the letter that I was going to deliver to Malacanang. After the presscon, I proceeded to Baclaran where I was welcomed by my confreres. Bobby, a member of the Pinoy MtBikers arrived later after trying to catch up with me.


bimbim said...

kumusta na 'dre?
hapit na jud..
gamay na lng..
god bless you 'dre..

medina said...

Dati rati akong nagbabike sa UPLB,aral at trabaho, 7 taon ng buhay ko sa Campus. Noong naging pari, unti-unting nawala, hanggang sa tumaba ako nang tumaba,. Nawa'y bumalik muli ang espiritu ng pagbibisikleta. Narito pa ang racer bike ko, vintage na since 1978...naghihintay sa aking pagsakay...FR. Perry