Friday, May 02, 2008

Day 40: Naga-Sorsogon

Early this morning at five, three local bikers came to join Ed Bisco and I when we left Naga - Eric, Elmer and Ed Rabago. Eric Eliazar, the best bike mechanic in Naga, had repaired my bike last night and he joined us for 20 km together with Elmer. Ed Rabago decided to join us as far as Catarman. Along the way some people recognized me and greeted me - must be the effect of seeing me on TV. As we neared Legazpi, I gazed at Mayon volcano. Unfortunate the cone was covered with clouds so I could not see her in her resplendent beauty. By 2 pm, we were met by Fr. Benny who led us towards Sorsogon. Seven km before the city we were met by 16 bikers of CYCLOS - a local biking club. A police patrol car was also waiting for us and led us with the siren blaring, announcing our arrival. We reached Sorsogon at 3 pm and we were welcomed by Bishop Arturo Bastes, SVD at the clergy house. Agnes, the secretary led us to our rooms and allowed us to park our bicycles in here office. Later, the TV crew of a local TV station came over and interviewed me. I celebrated the Eucharist and preached at the Fatima parish at 5:15 pm.

I have biked 3, 772 km so far.

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homefortheclergy said...

Hi Fr. Picx!
You are always welcome to visit the HOME FOR THE CLERGY anytime you want. It is our pleasure to accomodate you here and be our guest.
If you're in Bikol fell free to visit us..
God Bless you always!