Saturday, May 03, 2008

Day 41: Sorsogon-Catarman, Northern Samar

Fifteen Sorsogon bikers belonging to CYCLUS accompanied us this morning as we continued our journey to Matnog. We were supposed to depart at 5 am but we left 30 minutes later because Ed Bisco was unable to wake up on time. But it was a blessing in disguise since by the time we reached the next town, the rains had already stopped. We would have been caught by the rain if we left on time. Six bikers turned back to Sorsogon when we reached Juban - they had to report to work. When we reached Irosin, 10 bikers belonging to the Irosin Cyclists'Association were waiting for us and accompanied us up to Matnog. We reached Matnog by 9 am, just in time to catch the ferry boat that took us to Allen, Northern Samar. We arrived in Allen at 10:30 am. While having our lunch, nine bikers from Catarman arrived. After a brief rest, we left for Catarman. We arrived at 2:30 pm and was welcomed by Fr. Eruen.
So far, I have already biked 3,890 km. I have already started the Eastern Visayas legs of my journey. Ed Bisco and Ed Rabago will be going back to Luzon tomorrow and the Catarman bikers will bike with me as far as Laoang - 48 km from Catarman. From there I will be biking alone along the an area which, like Sorsogon, has been affected by the armed conflict between the government forces and the New People's army. It's environment has been damaged by logging and mining. This is an area where the culture of death, violence and corruption reign.



Bidding you a safe voyage on the remaining parts of your journey Father Picardal. Indeed, the million peso is if Gloria would take the time to sit down for a while and read what the people has to say. If faith can move mountains, at leastI hope letters can move leaders on economic steroids.

By the way, I'm from Naga City and I read in your blog entry that you were there a couple of days (hours?) ago.

Gerry G. said...

Just back in Cebu from Eastern Samar, the greenest part of the Philippines I have seen. It is sad to hear about the ongoing destruction due to logging and mining.
Padayon! All the best for the remaining stages of the biking mission. Safe back to Davao! God bless. Your confrere Gerry G.