Friday, May 30, 2008

Lunch with the Running Priest

Fr. Robert Reyes - the running priest - came over for lunch here in Baclaran. He is actually now based in Hongkong working with the Asian Human Rights Commission and he is in Manila for over a week.
Since the mid-nineties, Robert has been running around the Philippines - for Peace, the environment, against corruption and other various causes. His prophetic stance against the President Estrada and later against President Arroyo has made him a controversial figure. Over two years ago, he was relieved from his parish assignment and asked to take a sabbatical by his bishop. He spent some time teaching in Beiging and has moved to Hongkong recently.
I first met Robert eight years ago when I passed Manila during my Bike-Tour for Peace across the Philippines (Davao-Pagudpud). He accompanied me on his bike around Manila. Two years later he came to Davao to join me on the first leg of my Bike-Tour for Peace around Central Mindanao. He was planning to join me for two days during my recent Bike-Tour around the country but he had to leave for Hongkong.
So during lunch we talked about what we can do together in the near future. There are a lot of possibilities but the problem is that I don't have very much time, especially during the school year. I told him of my plan to run the Pasig Philippine International Marathon next year (Feb. 22, 2009) and he immediately said that we can run it together with Joy Roxas who is planning to run across America later in the summer. We might also accompany her from Manila to Naga for the launching of her run. Perhaps, during the summer of 2010, we could also run/bike together across the Philippines. Well, these are just some of the possibilities. Let's see what happens.

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