Sunday, May 18, 2008

Day 56: Nabunturan-Davao City

When I woke early this morning, my left knee was swollen and stiff. I was wondering if I could still bike the last leg of my journey. Bending it was so difficult and painful. I limped all the way to the altar as I concelebrated and preached at the 6 am mass in Nabunturan.

During breakfast, a 71 year-old biker named Amancio came in and told me that he would bike with me all the way to Davao if no one else would accompany me. 8 more people arrived and told me they would bike with me within the town and up to Mawab which was 12 km away.

Riding the bike was so agonizing - with only the right leg pedaling and the left leg still very stiff and painful. Amancio assured me that after a while, the pain would go away. So we pedaled at a very slow pace wishing the pain would go away. After an hour, I could easily bend my left knee but my left leg didn't have enough strength to pedal. When we reached Mawab, the other bikers returned to Nabunturan. As we crested the second hill, a truck with seven bikers stopped. They were led by Luis - the owner of the 3 MJ bike shop. He placed some ice on my knees and instructed another biker to ride beside me and push my back. As we reached Tagum, more bikers were waiting for us and joined us. We dropped by the Tagum city hall where a bicycle-circuit race was in progress. My arrival was announced and the bikers gave me a warm applause. We continued our journey and this time there were over 50 bikers accompanying me. Several bikers took turns in assisting me so that I didn't have to do much pedaling. Upon seeing that I wouldn't be alone, Amancio decided to return to Nabunturan.

We arrived at the Redemptorist church grounds at 2:15 pm I was welcomed home by our parish staff and youth. When I looked at my cyclocomputer, I saw that I have already biked a total of 5164.7 km in 56 days. In spite of the pain and thanks to the support of the bikers I have finally finished my journey.


Dominic C.Ss.R said...


Well done on completing your journey! It has been amazing following your trek across the country.

I suppose it is a silly question - but did you get a response from GMA?

Hope you have a good rest now!

Enlightened Educator said...

Hello Fr. Picx,

Regardless of whether GMA heard you or pretended not to, you certainly have made your point and touched the hearts of the many who have been following your bike tour. I am now living and working in the US but when I learned about you through, I want you to know that in my heart and in my mind, I was with you in your journey. I am with you in your quest for peace. I am originally from Pikit, Cotabato. Thank you for doing what you did, you are an inspiration.

God Bless you!

Nonie said...

Hi ding!
Congratulations! You made it!
You deserve a rest. God bless.

Fr. Picx said...

Thanks for the support. I will find out tomorrow night the president's response when/if the meeting pushes through with a member of the president's cabinet. The cabinet official had contacted an Australian Redemptorist in Baclaran and asked for a meeting to discuss the letter I delivered to Malacanang.

onewaybike said...

Congratulations Fr. Picx. God Bless you. You have touched our hearts even though we biked with you for a short while.
Thanks for the fellowship.

One Way Bike Club Tacloban City