Saturday, May 10, 2008

Day 48 Ormoc-Hilongos

At six this morning I started biking to Hilongos accompanied byMsgr. Bernie Pantin, Nollette and Rex Tan. We passed by Rex's bike shop to have a quick look at the bike and he also gave me a cycling jersey and Anatomic short. It was a leisurely ride on flat highway along the sea. It was perfect weather for biking, with the sun hidden by the clouds. Msgr. Bernie was planning to bike only as far as Baybay - 45 km from Ormoc - but he decided to bike on to Hilongos after our breakfast stop. After some time, Nolette took the road that led to Tacloban. Before reaching Inopacan we were met by 10 Hilongos bikers and 2 motorbike escorts belonging to the Hilongos Cycling One bike club. Among them were Boy Sua and his three children - Rence, Christian and Cielo. Cielo is a 10 year old girl who rode a tandem bike with her father. It was delightful to see Father and daughter pedaling on one bike. When we reached the entrance of Hilongos town, a welcome streamer for me was prominently displayed in the middle of the road. We reached the parish at almost noon-time after biking for 87 km. Frs. Van and Roxas welcomed us and we had lunch with them. After lunch, Msgr. Bernie rode back to Ormoc on his support vehicle while Rex biked back. I spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing.

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