Monday, March 22, 2010

Abandoned Flock, Lost Shepherds

Everytime I hear about priests and bishops accused of failing to fulfill their role as "good shepherds," I feel sad. Even if they are just a drop in the bucket, they do a lot of damage to the Church. Their cases are sensationalized and the majority of those who live as good shepherds are overlooked. Yet we cannot hide the fact that there are some priests and bishops who care only about their own pleasure, privilege, power, prestige and possessions. There are those who side with the rich and the powerful and forget about the victims, the poor and marginalized. Vatican II and PCP II called for a renewal of the Church. But a renewed Church requires a renewed clergy. This is a poem a I wrote for the lost shepherds.


Like a sheep without a shepherd
we cry out to you.
We have been scattered,
our homes demolished, our land poisoned,
our sons and daughters abused or slaughtered.

Like a flock forgotten by its shepherd
we wait for you.
But you're too busy worrying
about your image, influence
and investments.
You do not even know us.

As we wander in this valley
of terror, hunger and death
we long to see your face
and hear your voice
calling us by name.

But you have wandered
from your flock
and from the good shepherd
you promised to follow.
You have succumbed to the
temptation in the desert.
Yours is the pleasure, power, the glory
and the wealth.

Like a flock in search of a shepherd
we call out to you,
be our shepherd.
Leave everything you have
and lead us in our journey
to the promised land.

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