Thursday, March 11, 2010

One hour Barefoot Running

Yesterday morning, I ran barefoot on cement surface for an hour. This is a breakthrough for me. It was a very smooth, comfortable and relaxed run which I enjoyed so much. I avoided heel striking and landed on my forefoot, with my knees bent. I could feel the natural spring in my feet, tendons and knees.
My feet are getting stronger and the soles are becoming thicker. I will try to slowly increase my time in barefoot running until I reach 2 hours.
I've started using aqua shoes on some of my walks. The soles are so thin, it's just like walking barefoot. I hope that my friend will bring me a pair of vibram five-fingers shoes when she arrive from London this week.I only have less than three weeks before my solo Trans-Mindanao Run/Hike (390 km in 8 days). I plan to cover an average of 50 km a day in 7-8 hours. I am thinking of running barefoot partly perhaps two hours in the morning before the roads become so hot. The next six hours will be on running shoes. Anyway, I will just listen to my body and not force myself.


Life Runner said...

wow good luck on that, I'l be waiting for you entry on that adventure =)

Jet Paiso said...

hi fr pix, i'm also thinking about barefoot running now (or using vibram five fingers/vff at the very least), after my bdm finish of 73kms due to bad case of blisters as big as old peso coin on both feet come km66.

i was already brisk walking yet the scorching noontime sun made my forefoot sole feel the heat inspite of my rubber shoes, wicking socks, and petroleum jelly.

barefoot running (or with vff or sandals) may have kept my feet drier and well ventilated, avoiding nasty blisters.

looking forward to your upcoming adventure =) God bless!