Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Day 13: Run-Walk Philippines

Amidst the darkness and rain I resumed my trek in Consolacion at 5 am. An hour later as the sun was up, I made my ascent towards Mahaplag. It was a long uphill trek followed by downhill runs with the rain continuing to pour. The pair of Merrel Vibram sandals was just comfortable in the rain - no need for my running shoes and socks to get wet.

I remember that over ten years ago I was also ascending this same road on a mountain bike on my way to Pagudpud, Northern Luzon. But doing this on foot today seems easier and more pleasant.

As I ran and walked alone in the rain, I didn't really feel alone. I was aware of the presence of Someone who I cannot see but who accompanies me and takes care of me on my journey. I am aware of the support and concern of others who constantly call me or send text messages. GMA Morning News Una ka bay, Superbalita and ABS-CBN regularly monitors me and asks for updates and live report.

After almost two weeks on the road I can feel my body adapting to the demands of 8-12 hours of daily run/walk equivalent to the marathon distance and beyond. The foot aches and blisters no longer bother me. No muscle soreness. I don't feel tired. I wake up at three every morning feeling refreshed. The whole journey is becoming a more pleasant experience rather that an ardous effort.

I reached Mahaplag before 2 pm after covering 33 km. I was originally planning to stay overnight in Abuyog - another 25 km away. But I decided to take it easy and spend the night in the Mahaplag parish rectory. The parish priest was in Ormoc for the presbyterium meeting so I just texted him and ask for hospitality. No problem. Most of the priest in the Archdiocese of Palo know me since I have given them a seminar on Basic Ecclesial Communities.

Thus, I have covered 498 km, almost 500 km. Another 1000 km before I reach Manila add another 500 km and I will be in Aparri. But I take this a kilometer at a time.

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ksam said...

Your making amazing time, I think! Glad to hear the feet et al are feeling better. Buen Camino, Karin